Trupti Haldankar

Celebrating change at Semiofest 2018

Semiofest is the world’s only annual conference focussed on applied semiotics, and has been pivotal in sharing semiotic thinking internationally since 2012. Whether it be a take on media and messaging and the meaning behind them, or fostering innovation, Semiofest has spread awareness about the discipline of semiotics with gusto.

At dy, we understand symbols of shift in culture. We keep a keen eye on signifiers that help us stay in touch with the constantly evolving society and consumer. These are some of the reasons why dy stood out amidst all, and was awarded the chance to host Semiofest 2018.

Centered on the theme of ‘Metanoia’, which focusses on how adaptive evolution brings a more ‘meaningful’ approach to dealing with changing situations, rather than holding on to well-established ways; which are in imminent danger of being rendered obsolete.

Semiofest 2018 saw speakers from across the globe come together speaking about the markers and application of semiotics through the lens of change. Key note speakers Carlos Scolari and Devdutt Patnaik gave us rich insights through their papers The Laws of the Interface and Understanding and deciding symbols of Sanatan: The Hindu notion of fragility, respectively.

Set against the backdrop of Mumbai, Semiofest 2018 also featured a culture walk with Santosh Desai, working session on Semiotics for Business Impact with Alpana Parida, Ashutosh Tiwari and Hamsini Shivakumar and an interactive dinner walking one through the spices of India at Gymkhana91 in addition to three days of enriching insights at the ‘un’conference.