Time was, if a cola company wanted to redesign their botle, a product designer would draw up a couple of options in 2d and then have them prototyped in 3d, before folks sitting in a conference room would cast their votes on it, and that was that.

But what we do with design thinking, is we consider how the bottle will be held, stacked, transported, displayed, refrigerated and recycled, before we even think of drawing a line. For us an organisation’s supply chain, R&D, sales etc. are not separate, disconnected silos. In a multi-disciplinary approach, we evaluate the entire eco-system. And that’s what gives us the ability to bring cultural insight to the edge of science.

Much like a nephrologist must work with neurology, pathology and other departments of a hospital, evaluating the entire body of his patient before treating the kidney, our design thinking is also that kind of ‘full picture’ brand doctoring. The success of which is based on demand creation, resource management and financial prudence.

The net effect for organisations, whether they seek experience design, organisation design, service design, product design or user interventions, is not merely incremental, but also quantum. It’s what you call disruption by design and not fluke.

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