Every brand, ideally has a promise and hopefully, an audience. Linking the two physically and emotionally are a multitude of touchpoints. How do you ensure that the brand experience remains consistent, and more importantly, lovable at each interface?

Brand alignment & cascading

is how we help find answer to that kind of question. Conducted in the presence of all the brand’s key stakeholders, with or without the target audience, it’s quest for that sweet spot between the brand’s promise, and its audience.

It’s a series of questions that we ask in the aisles that stock the brand, at the points which sell it, from the folk who pack it, to those who move it, and finally, from those who are moved by it.

This helps in aligning everyone in an organisation to the brand’s promise in all its desired manifestations. How they should behave, how to communicate, how to be empathic, how to project an attitude, and importantly, what is the right attitude?

Once a brand is thus internally aligned, and its experience is cascaded consistently, it starts speaking in confident and charming tones with its external audience. Whether they meet at a convenience store, or even a neighbour’s living room.

New Product Development/ Innovation

Change has always been the only constant. In the old days, a reluctance to innovate meant a brand would miss the bus, but today, a slow mover will get thrown under that very bus.

What disrupts or flips the market environment now, is the proverbial ‘n’ number of factors. And that wide world of possibilities is what this workshop focusses on. Here, innovation or NPD does not just refer to the development of new products, but also, new delivery systems, new payment mechanisms, and any new development in design, technology, society and culture that moves mine, yours and everybody’s cheese.

For it’s not enough to simply keep pace with market changes, now is the time to invent them.

Brand Visioning

The human mind processes a logo far more elaborately than a supermarket scanner reads a barcode. Whenever the mind sees the logo, it triggers a lifetime of memories associated with the brand. Which why consistency is crucial when it comes to the logo and every other touchpoint of the brand. Our workshops are varied and can be a matter of even just a weekend or two, but in the longterm, what really sustains a brand is how much it thrives in the hearts and minds of its audience, irrespective of the rapidly-evolving market dynamics.

Be it a matter of one year or five decades, a brand seldom goes the distance without a vision. A vision that’s not just relevant to the times but also ahead of it. Which brings us to the need for brand visioning workshops. And everybody needs it, whether you’re an Apple, or what they used to be in the old days, a garage start-up.

Other workshops we do

Brand Nomenclature, Brand Definition/Redefinition, Brand Architecture, Semio-Ethno, Customer Experience Design

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