Work with india’s top design thinkers to transform your business.


Use of various frameworks and tools for


  • – Problem Definition
  • – Systematic Mapping
  • – Belief Decoding
  • – Behaviour Encoding
  • – Empathy Mapping
  • – Experience Design

Staying ahead at the speed of change

The world has been changing at a dizzying pace, fast growing brands and categories are emerging and vanishing (remember Micromax and Lava) rapidly.
How do you survive in such an environment. Not simply survive – but thrive?
How do you identify opportunities for disruptive growth, customer acquisition and share gain?
How do you think different and repurpose your team to hunt and build, not simply preserve?
Design thinking enables human centric approaches, systematic thinking for transformation and disruptive impact for growth.

Learn how you can:

  • – Reframe problems
  • – Identify newer opportunities
  • – Work with a multidisciplinary team
  • – Create solutions that have staying power
  • – Design behaviour rather than simply design for behaviour
  • – Ensure rapid adoption

Who is this for:

  • – CXO
  • – Founders
  • – Business Heads
  • – Innovation and Insights Heads

Contact: workshops@dyworks.in to customise this workshop for your organisational need.

Coming Soon:

Culture transformation

Culture is a sum total of all behaviours. Every organisation has a culture even if it is not consciously built. However, building the culture consciously will have a direct positive impact on productivity and profitability. In this workshop learn to create a cultural shift that can take place across the entire organization or in individual departments and teams, using design thinking tools and techniques.

To customise this workshop or know more about it, write to workshops@dyworks.in

From Inisghts to Innovation Workshop


Innovation is a tangible and measurable possibility than most people realise. Like any other aspect of the business, innovation can be effectively managed and delivered. In this workshop, learn tools and techniques to reframe problems, generate real insights, agile and flexible framework for innovation and effectively manage innovation like any other aspect of the business.


To customise this workshop or know more about it, write to workshops@dyworks.in

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