If a packaging design could talk to you and tell you what it contains; wouldn’t that be great? And, just like any TV commercial, if it could tell you about all it’s USPs– wouldn’t that help outsell the competition?

Using semiotics and culture mapping, we create packaging design that understands the products target audience better and also their purchasing behaviour. We also understand the general trade functioning to help create static packaging design that speaks volumes.

Look at the marketplace and see how precious shelf space has become. Notice the war each product needs to wage to grab eyeballs and retain favourable recall. Realise how difficult it is to sell oneself sitting alone on a shelf. It is now a battle for relevance and survival in the consumers mind and the shopping cart. And, at DY WORKS, it is our job to now create packaging design that is not only good looking, but one that actually shapes the Brands future.

Just in case you were wondering why the image of an egg- well it is considered to be one of the many marvels of nature. The egg is one of the best shaped packaging design to safeguard the embryo growing inside the shell.