Business design

You often see how a business model can disrupt the market norm and give you disproportionate results. And it’s only when you design a business centred around people that you end up creating an Ola cab.

For instance, when Eureka Forbes spoke to us about their offering for cleaning homes at 20 to 30 thousand rupees a pop, we knew we had to reposition the service so that it wasn’t going to be compared with the maid’s broom and mop routine.

We had to create a new benchmark of the customer’s experience journey. The answer that we sought, we found in a ‘last inch cleaning’ promise that power-cleaned beyond the nooks and crannies of living areas, to even include often neglected places, like under the drain and on the lofts.

Add to that, variables in people’s behaviour patterns, like during weddings, Pujos, ailments or bereavement in the family, and we recognised more opportunities to create a new internal culture at Eureka Forbes through the last inch cleaning service. The key to which lay in being sensitive to the nuanced behaviour of the consumer at different places and different times.