Most agencies tend to share content talking about their success and the clients they have interacted with. They tend to show content that is either only educational or informative. Even the format of presenting the same was the old traditional way of curated posts.


What was found was that to stand out of the crowd we needed to change the way we spoke.

We needed to show that we had a point of view and that needed to be voiced out in an interesting manner. We needed to interact with our clients and consumers in such a way that due to the content we share on social they end up remembering us when they want to select an agency due to the top of the mind recall.

We wanted to embrace our motto of change or die, and literally practice what we preach.


To create content like a content platform does. To have a point of view and to actually talk about what something our consumers do. To share videos of our employees as people like relatability.

Even when we spoke about our forte " semiotics" We wanted to express it through interesting content pieces rather than just writing an article and sharing it.


We ended up creating posts that didn't exactly follow our tone of voice and brand colours. It is important to create that differentiation because we don't only stand for one but for many brands. We wanted to create content that caught eyeballs. The design had to follow theme.

Working on our own social account was a liberating and joyful experience - a project that truly lets our thoughts fly and experiment with content. - Vishal Langthasa

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