Years of work experience! Who cares?



This a response to many instances when i’ve been told that a person must be good because she/he has X years of experience or she/he must be right because of the years of experience they have put it.

Let’s get real here, there are people who have 10 years of experience but 50% of the things they know are completely irrelevant today, so why does it give them an edge over a person with 3 years of experience?

So many people demand respect on the basis of the years of experience they have, why is anyone supposed to assume that the years that you’ve put in were all strong, intensive and productive in nature? There are many people who spend years working at completely robotic jobs with absolutely no inkling of an original thought? So why does it make us believe that they must know, because of the “years of experience”?

If you were just getting by everyday for 5 years, without any growth, no effort, nothing beyond your comfort zone, does it count for anything?

If you worked with the attitude of getting by, does your work mean anything?

If the world of your career has changed drastically and it doesn’t function on the same codes that you functioned on, is your experience still relevant?

If you only got a job because the company was desperate, and then you just saw to it that you stayed there, played safe and stuck it out for 5-10 years, does it still count?

If you spent most of your time finding excuses to get out of work, does your 10 year legacy still count?

It’s time that organisations hired people based on passion, grit, quality of work, thought, strategic thinking, leadership skills and potential for more, instead of “work experience”.
I have interviewed around 150 people this year and most people were only banking on the years put in. Very few actually spoke about their work, the things they are passionate about, what they want to do with design and the world of digital.

It isn’t their fault, it is ours, we have conditioned people to believe that all that matters is the years you spent at a job.

Let’s try and change that.

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