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DY is embarking on a 50km Ultra Walkathon – as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. We are raising Rs.1000/km and have pledged a total of 1200 kms collectively to raise 12 Lakhs. This will support a total of 200 kids to participate in the program in one year -to play soccer- and as a precondition, learn English, Computers and Maths. The program is run by Ashok Rathod from the community, has very low administrative costs and has currently impacted 3000 kids, out of whom,1200 are girls.

At one level a pledge to do impossible things shapes the way we think and validates our world where there are few boundaries and indeed very little is impossible. For a design firm looking to disrupt and live by the mantra ‘Change or Die’ – this seems particularly apt.

At another level – it supports a cause of sports for tranformation and recognises it for the design thinking initiative that it is.

OSCAR Foundation (Organization for Social Change, Awareness and Responsibility) is a non-profit organization that, through football, instills the value of education and empowers underprivileged children and youth with life skills to take responsibility of their community development.

Ashok Shankar Rathod along with two other founding members started The OSCAR Foundation in 2006. OSCAR runs a unique programme that not only teaches sport to children and youth but also helps them to understand the value of education.

A team of OSCAR’s young leaders act as role models and work to identify and tackle the barriers helping children and youth to reach their maximum potential.

The foundation works with kids in a fishing community in Ambedkar village – Mumbai. The kids are aged between 8 and 14. The Foundation teaches football – but insists on non-formal education in Maths, Computers, English. All the kids are school dropouts – but now have amazing success stories.

We have first-hand knowledge about them – as a few of our team have volunteered there. They are internationally known – with the support of Prince William and Manchester United team. Their administrative costs remain low – and the money truly empowers and enables.

Check out their website – as well as some films about them:






We are walking this Friday, Jan 12th and will be making the gift to the kids at OSCAR on the 15th.

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