I heart social media. #TruthBeTold



Let’s really take a good look at what’s going down.

There seems to be an upheaval against the use and overuse of social media platforms, and the digital space that is “Taking us away from reality”. I’d like to question this though, first process and really understand what we are really fighting and then maybe, we need to forget the fight and pick our battles instead.

Yes, like some scientists say, weed is alright till you start overdoing it. Obviously it is addictive, and for sure, the social channels are created in a way that drive us to be desperately addicted to them to escape reality and feel validated.

That said, we’ve failed to see the flip side of this phenomenon.

1. Finally after YEARS, we are living in a consumer-driven social structure.

The consumer today is way more powerful than ever! Mediocrity and bad service are not even a possibility today because of the intense fear of being blown up on social channels, sometimes, even destroying a business. This does have a flip side when it is used to harass people and brands. But let’s come to terms with it, everything great in history also had the possibility of being misused. We’ve lived for years being educated and informed by news channels and news publications with some serious political biases that have shaped the way we look at the world.

2. Social platforms are enabling people to have a job that they actually LOVE.

Content creators across the world are living off the money they make from their content distribution. There are influencers sitting in small towns across the world creating great content. That is what true empowerment is. It has given us the ability to share what we know, what we love, and make money off it. The reason this content has the views it has, is because WE actually want to watch and consume that content.

3. Inspiration over depression

While others see the fact that people are looking at the lives of others and going into depression, I look at the fact that the beautiful images, colours, content and design is actually activating parts of our creative brains like nothing else ever did. Yes yes, books, I know, but the availability and cost just does not even compare.

4. Success via envy

While others see that we start hating our lives, seeing the lives of other people, I look at the fact that so many times people stay motivated and driven because they want that life – it is an aspirational life, and the journey to achieving that success will eventually shape some amazing minds and lives.

5. Make a difference, finally.

While the world seems to be crying about the fact that social media has so much abuse and harassment, I have actually seen more people stand up for each other, and people fight the perpetrators using social media. I’ve seen people fight abuse against animals on a scale that wasn’t even considered possible before this. It is an opportunity to actually get up and do something, for something you believe in, and it might even just mean a damn share.

6. Brands that connect

While most brands are unfortunately doing it wrong, there are some brands that are actually finally truly connecting with the consumer. Brands today have the chance to create a world that can go beyond the obvious “advertising”. There is an opportunity now for a brand to live beyond the product or service. Today, more than ever, brands have become people, they are approachable, they make mistakes, they apologise, they make people happy, they reward, they understand, they talk, they listen.

Let’s truly analyse and maybe realign our perspective. We are looking at this all wrong. Maybe, if we change the way we see social media, we can possibly change what it is and decide what it can become.

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