Greatness comes from a shared vision



Whatever I say is only an opinion derived from extensive reading, ted talks, inspirational stories and a hint from my very own experiences.

T-shirt quote:

“Only great leaders inspire a group of people to work towards a vision.”

Working for a salary is never going to make someone push the envelope beyond a particular point of interest.

Obvious statement:

Convince a person that what you want to create, or what you want to do is bigger than all of us, it is something we own together, yet don’t own at all. The point of a greater creative vision comes from the need to create and disperse systems and ideas that will be self-sustainable, fueled by the people who choose it.


Most people treat their companies like their babies, and the employees as their babysitters, this is where the employee will just tell your kid to go to bed and watch tv for a couple of hours. The key here is to make your company a baby that was created by you and your employees, that is when changing the kid’s diapers is not a pain, but a vested interest.


I spoke to a friend of mine who told me that he has worked for the last 2 years constantly with a good raise and a set time, but everyday at 3pm he stares at the watch and waits for the time to pass. That does not happen because the employee is bad, it happens because he is not given the right environment and motivation to nurture his ambition, his goals, his creativity, his intelligence. That happens because there is a lack of a shared vision.

What is it:

Someone said that “shared vision”is way too generic, what do you really mean? What I mean:

When a person wakes up with thoughts of what is it that he/she can do that will create a whirlpool of a difference to a system, a behaviour, a habit, a cultural norm, a thought, an office, a rule or process, that person is in company that inspires him/her to do that, because of a shared vision.


I am not talking about entrepreneurs here, while the world seems to harp on how to be an entrepreneur, it forgets that most of the world is an employee, and you are doing nothing to create great followers. All the concentration on the leaders, while the followers think of how to become a leader, you forget that each follower is a leader in themselves, it’s just not what he/she is made to feel.

Good stuff:

Simon sinek resonates my thoughts on the matter, this is a must watch video.

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