Tata Gluco Plus

Breaking through the clutter in an overly cluttered category


Tata Gluco Plus was launched as a ready to drink glucose based beverage. In a market flooded with powder based glucose drinks and RTD instant energy drinks, the proposition of RTD glucose beverage was new and not clearly understood.


We realized that existing cups appeared smaller than the bottle formats that the competitors were using. The packs were similar to those in the yoghurt category and this resulted in a great disconnect for the consumer.

To convey the idea of water with glucose, intense colours were used with the splashes to show impact of energy. The burst of light cued instant energy. The colour blocking was effective in conveying different flavours and also created a unique shelf throw. The mnemonics on the side of pack drove home the point of water that would enhance health.


The new pack was launched in two markets- Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.
Tamil Nadu- 229% growth in sales post re-launch.
Andhra Pradesh- 165% growth in sales post re-launch.
The NourishCo board has decided to launch the brand across the country.

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