How does a sugar and chemical company communicate its vision and philosophy as a brand?


The task was to establish the Rajshree Corporation as a recognizable and prestigious business group known for its progressive business philosophy. It needed to establish a clear relationship between the founder ideology and the organization which was to be institutionalized and to promote internal vision.


Our deeply immersed research revealed that RSCL as a pioneer of technological developments in the sugar industry has strong values of inclusive growth and a history of farmer empowerment and community development. Their modus operandi was to ensure that profits and social consciousness are a part of the business with one complimenting the other. This led to the philosophy of the brand, ‘People Passion Progress’, which identified the essence of it, ‘Business Excellence with Consciousness’. The corporate values were also extended to the consumer brands such as Sugar, Staples and Bio-Fertilizers with packaging highlighting ‘Doing Well. Doing Good.’ as the motto.


The brand colors were inspired by auspicious Haldi- Kumkum. The yellow represents the strength of the sun rays. The red stands for passion and energy. We crafted a prestigious brand embedded in Passion, People and Progress.