Creating a Category for Mutti Pasta Sauce


Pasta/pizza sales are growing in high double digits – but pasta/pizza sauce sales are growing at a much lower rate, on a significantly smaller base.


To understand the anomaly, we did an ethnography study of kitchens. We found many things stored in glass jars – Jams, pickles, ghee, mayonnaise, olives – and saw no behaviour of the jar being overturned to use ingredients in cooking. Everything in a glass jar comes out with a spoon or a spatula. We realized that to increase consumption of pasta/ pizza sauce; we had to change the format and pack it in flex pouches.

A flex pouch could be easily opened, consumed guilt free; and disposed post use.


Changing the format outsold the flex pouches to glass jars 4:1 in the pilot and went on to create a new product category for Mutti Pasta Sauce!