How can a commodity justify a premium?


MNR dairy was launching a state-of-the-art dairy in Hyderabad, with a plan to eventually sell direct to consumers. The product was premium (at almost 50% over local commodity prices) . The brand Kiaro was a start-up and needed to establish its proposition and promise without too much advertising.


While purity for milk has been a concern, mothers have also needed to ensure their fussy kids drink milk – and thus taste/fun needed to be a promise as well. The brand thus balanced this promise by offering ‘ Pure Good , Pure Joy’ as the essence of the brand. The international feel and the mascot ‘Mr. Moore’ encoded the promise of quality as well as the joy of a farm.


Kiaro sells over 1,000 liters/day and has built brand recognition and affinity in Hyderabad with minimal advertising. The mascot is loved and recognizable through the city with kids and adults alike.