Kellogg’s Chocos

Decoding Fun for the most FUN breakfast cereal


We had to craft the positioning strategy for Kellog’s Chocos and understand and decode “fun” and “nutrition” in the context of the breakfast snack.


Through semiotics and an intensive decoding of cultural markers across the spectrum (including communication) we discovered that the meaning and perceptual landscape for “fun” was evolving. Fun was about not being alone or being in groups. There was however, a sense of independence, not from peers, but from rules, regimens, roles and expectations. It was about getting messy, and even, “anti-gravity”.

Similarly, nutrition had transcended traditional interpretations of merely being “not sick” or “healthy”, to being filled with energy and “truly alive”. There was an impetus towards proactivity – a dynamic and almost pre-emptive attitude towards well being. This insight gave useful strategic directions to the product which could be explored through all avenues including communication.


Our intervention positioned Kellogg’s Chocos as a cereal trusted by every mother and an exciting and fun breakfast and snack food for every child.