Building An Institutional Brand, Creating A New Category


A JV between Genworth (A GE company), Asian Development Brand (ADB), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and National Housing Bank (NHB); India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation (IMGC) was the first company to sell a mortgage guarantee product. It needed to communicate the proposition, as well establish itself on the financial landscape as a trusted institution.


Future is inherently uncertain, and a loan simply compounds that situation. By providing a mortgage guarantee, IMGC created a safety net against unforeseeable events. The brand essence was the dichotomous proposition of “A Certain Future”. The brand identity used the sun (the only thing certain about tomorrow), while borrowing imagery from the category of homes as well as of arrows to signify progression. The brand further manifest as internal values and culture as well as externally as a marketing proposition.


IMGC was looking beyond design for a brand development specialist. The strategic branding approach decoded the needs of the financial services industry and our specific end customer.

The institutional branding initiative helped us create a strong differentiation as a B2B and B2C brand.

Amitava Mehra