Gujarat Reclaim and Rubber Products Ltd.

Rejuvenating an SME, creating a global brand


Gujarat Reclaim and Rubber Products Limited (GRRPL) is a manufacturer of reclaim rubber in the world. To open up a global market, as also to  attract talent and build an internal culture of pride; they undertook a corporate branding exercise.


In the current corporate name: Gujarat Reclaim and Rubber Products Limited – Gujarat localized the brand and Rubber Reclaim limited the brand for the future. Recommended naming to GRP. – a 3 letter acronym that makes the brand seem larger and more professional (such as GMR, GVK and DLF). Additionally, a unified brand language internally and externally created external growth as well as provided a framework for creating an internal culture.


SME Branding intervention by DY Works helped GRP Open global doors post branding, recruit better talent and see a massive increase in share price within 10 days of the launch of the new brand.