Zee – Essel Group

Space Branding For Essel Group


Essel Group has never had all their companies under one roof, thus far. One of their
goals in 2015 was to change this and have an office space that would house all the group

For this, they needed to create an office environment that was reflective of the ethos of Essel Group
but also an environment that showcases and enhances each individual companies values as well as
their unified goals for the year 2020.


Taking forward the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbukham, (the world is my family) that Zee lives
by, DY Works honed on the idea of the one thing that unifies the world… communication. It was the
manifestation of communication in language, script and form that has been creatively showcased
throughout the office.

The idea that relationships, beliefs and content all come with different dimensions was also further
exemplified with the play of 2D and 3D in all the designs .

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