Click Sangeet

Striking a chord for Click Sangeet


Samana PTE was launching an online musical learning platform which would help students learn musical instruments online. Initially, targeted at the Indian audience, the brand was also to launch in Singapore, and eventually establish itself in other countries.


The intangibility of the online world needed a name that was relevant and singular. Our deep immersion into the culture of the brand helped us to finalize one such. ‘Click’ which connotes the trigger for the online medium and ‘Sangeet’, the representation of music, became the perfect combination for the brand. This further enabled us to develop a proposition that incorporated the lingo of the digital denizens and captured the essence of ‘Music’, which could be translated across target geographies.


Since its brand launch in July, 2013, the company has over 500 students registered. Two private schools and two Indian corporate houses have partnered themselves to promote peer-to-peer online learning. The Singapore Ministry of Communication and Information awarded ‘Click Sangeet’ for their Innovative Concept for teaching music which is a blend of traditional and modern methods.