Unifying a $ 2 billion conglomerate


When Gautam Thapar took over a group comprising of 8 different companies with distinct cultures and established existing equities, creating a parent brand was both necessary and difficult. The challenge was to create a group brand identity that represents the DNA of the Group.


Extensive stakeholder interviews and workshops led us to identifying the culture and values that bound the group companies. We created the name Avantha which though a coined name, signifies growth, diversification and advancement. An amalgamation of the Sanskrit words ‘Avni’ meaning earth and ‘tha’ coming from ‘sthapna’ meaning ‘to establish’; it also had an international ring borrowing from French wherein ‘Avancer’ means to advance. Apart from the visual identity, we also defined the corporate values and culture.


A  brand includes multiple elements: promise, personality and character, recall, texture, colours and pantones. A brand is also a company’s biggest asset. The Avantha brand is our valued identity and our biggest asset. It symbolizes the synergy within Avantha and unifies all business verticals under its umbrella. Today the Avantha brand name is recognised positively and is admired, trusted and respected.

Shravani Dhang,
Head Corporate Communication – Gautam Thapar Group