Allana Premier

How to differentiate a premium brand at the retail shelf through the 10ft – 5ft – 2 ft principle?

Building a premium food brand through Packaging Design


Allana Sons, India’s largest exporter of processed foods and commodities wanted to break the shelf clutter with the launch of their vegetarian brand Premier with improved imagery and packaging intervention echoing an international appearance.


In a retail space, only those products are noticed that have something that the category has not seen before. Our analysis of the category and market pointed out the fact it had moved from the need space to a lifestyle space. Therefore inevitably a white packaging was clutter breaking at the 10ft and 5ft block. Pre-decided variant colors differentiate it at the 2ft shelf throw.


Premier was rebranded to convey freshness, international look and food cues. The entire exercise of food packaging design was strategized using a minimalistic approach and the round shape was repeated as a part of the premier imagery which formed a visual recall for the brand.