Active Wheel

Strategic design intervention to bolster relaunch of Active Wheel


The activities around the brand Active Wheel created a perception of evolution and improvement . However, the actual product experience did not seem to live up to the expectations. While the ‘Deep Clean’ benefit was communicated through mass media, there were minimal changes on the pack which do not land the same message and, hence, did not drive re-appraisal, despite the product formulation revision. Also, Active Wheel started losing market share to Tide Naturals and Ghadi, even with its fragrance story.

Hence the task was to dial up the ‘efficacy’ credentials in tandem with the fragrance story on the pack


The consumer being media dark, the story needed to be established through graphics. The role of front pack design was to largely cue branding and communicate the end benefit to the consumer i.e. ‘Gehri se Gehri Safai’.


Greater saliency was brought into the branding unit ‘Active Wheel’ by combining it together with the Chakra, which for years now has a strong resonance with the audience. Thus, making it ownable. The iconic Chakra was also leveraged and brought into fore as the central element in its role to emanate the power of lemons. The efficacy of lemons as cleaning agents was reinforced through their dynamism and circular motion.

The story also defines the distinguished role of jasmine flowers to balance and retain the fragrance story. The many benefits of the product were focused on the back panel to drive the message of – Better Lather, Better Dissolution and hence, a better fragrance clean garment.

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