Retail Branding

A brand is the sum total of how customers experience it at various touchpoints. In a context where consumers are becoming more demanding of brands, it is critical for organizations to engineer branded experiences at each touchpoint. At DY Works, we help craft a brand experience design at each touchpoint by delivering the desired message at each point, in line with the brand’s values and personality.

Our expertise in this domain comes from a thorough understanding of customer journeys, purchase behaviour and consumption patterns across sectors. A seamless retail branding experience weaves together a branded, consistent journey across communication, retail, digital and post-purchase usage.

The consumer engagement is at its peak during the actual moment of truth, i.e. the purchase. This is why retail branding can act as the last nudge a customer needs to actually close the transaction. Retail branding strategy is not merely putting posters or FSUs in the store, but about creating meaningful engagement between brands and consumers. Retail Branding in India is in its nascent stages, but is picking up pace as international trends in designing retail space get adopted here. DY Works offers retail branding solutions which truly impact customer engagement at the moment of purchase.

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