India Entry

With over 50 official languages and 500 regional dialects – India is a very different country in many aspects. Hence, understanding the Indian consumer as an individual microcosm is the single biggest challenge.

DY Works helps you navigate this minefield as a media and budget neutral partner. DY Works uses its deep understanding and expertise of the local Indian market to develop an India Entry Strategy. Having been a partner to most Indian brand owners, DY Works is experienced in extrapolating brand values for the Indian mindset while arriving at a modified positioning for the Indian market. We customize the company’s communications, points of contact and personal interaction to suit the tastes and preferences of the local culture while enhancing product or service awareness.

With an understanding of over 300 brands that has impacted a consumer base of over 700 million consumers; nobody understands the Indian consumer mindset across segments and regions like DY Works does.

MTV, Mutti & Pizza Express are some of the brands we have partnered with when they entered Indian shores.

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