Digital Brand Solutions

Brands now live in the ‘cloud’, interacting, engaging and transacting with their customers and stakeholders leveraging digital tools, channels and insights.

At DY Works, we build upon a 20+ year heritage of creating and rejuvenating world-class brands, to help our clients nurture brands in the digital space: tell compelling, engaging brand stories, and create enabling digital platforms – be it a website, social media presence, analytics – resulting in a brand that is digital first, not just digital ready.

An overview of our Digital Solutions –

Digital Strategy

  • translating brand objectives and digital user insights into a robust playbook of engaging digital experiences, built upon tailored platforms, channels, messaging, and analytics

Digital Design

  • UI/UX

Interactive Platforms

  • Responsive Websites & Microsites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Search (Organic & Paid)

Social Media Engagement

  • Channel & Messaging Strategy
  • Campaign Execution
  • Social Media Marketing


  • Search
  • Web
  • Mobile


Expanding boundaries

Gujarat Reclaim and Rubber Products Limited (GRRPL), the third largest manufacturer of reclaim and rubber in the world, decided to rejuvenate its corporate brand and redefine its brand architecture. It needed to break out of the confinement of being a local brand within Gujarat and also overcome the negative connotations associated with quality standards of recycling in India.

DY Works suggested renaming GRRPL to GRP. The acronym infuses vitality within the organization and presents a platform that goes beyond rubber and reclaim. GRP connotes an independent, strong, and a balanced identity, and at the same time leverages the existing equity the brand has earned within the industry.

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