Culture Alignment Workshops

Internal Culture

An organization’s culture is inexorably tied to the personality and values of its founder as well as their history and vision for the future to come. Made up of its stakeholders’ shared values, beliefs, symbols and behaviors, internal culture guides individuals’ decisions and actions at the unconscious level. An observable, powerful force in all organizations, the internal culture translates the core values into internal policies and workforce strategy culture. It can result into a potent effect on any organization’s success which can sustain the much-needed employee satisfaction and loyalty.

DY Works has helped attain structured internal cultures for many organizations, mainly JVs and M&As. Internal culture can be manifested by way of mission statement, stories & language, physical layout, rituals and rules & policies.

Kansai Nerolac

Painting a new identity

Since the merger of Nerolac and Kansai, both companies were working separately with their individual identities and as a result negatively affected the brand equity and hence, unable to gain credibility. Kansai ‘s major stake in Nerolac Paints required that both brands’ strengths be married to create a new entity that would serve as a platform for the company going forward.

Borrowing from the authority of Kansai and the equity Nerolac had established, a new visual identity and corporate system needed to be created for the merged company. A decision had to be made internally with stakeholders with regard to moving forward with just Kansai or Kansai Nerolac.
Our recommendation for the latter brought the two equities together, a unified & renewed corporate identity that gives the new company a global platform name.

Kansai & Japanese technology became the pride of employees through a new organizational cultural, internal branding and communication. While Nerolac resonated with consumers of a long-lasting established heritage. Both names communicated the quality that had been and the innovation and offerings that lay ahead.

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