Branding Workshops

Living Brands Workshop

Finding the Brand Core through the Living Brand™ Workshop.

  • We believe that brand creation is collaborative and we conduct workshops with client participation
  • We employ visual thinking tools to break out of the conventional rigid, linguistic, sequential logic; ignite alternative neural networks and arrive at innovative and breakthrough solutions

A typical Living Brand Workshop….

Finding the Brand Essence through the Living Brand Workshop. Employ visual thinking tools as to break out of the conventional rigid.

Workshop Flow

Ice Breaker Exercise.

Lateral Thinking. High Energy. Barrier Breaking.

Introduction of the Living Brand Concept.

Brands Age. They Die. Some examples.

Identifying Living Brands

How brands are rejuvenated. Study an enduring brand. Amitabh Bachchan.
Tracking life strategies and his evolution to pick out learning.

Mapping the living brand understanding life-stages and evolution.

Identifying factors that led to longevity. Finding and applying the learning for ourselves.

Negative Space

Brand boundaries Consumer, Usage, Attitudes, Personification, Associations, Past and Current History of the brand

The group will identify what the brand is not.

Further distilling the remaining stimulus into Core Identity and Extended Identity. Core Identity is what endures and is timeless. Extended identity is what evolves over time.

Future Gazing

The customer, her life, her concerns, food and its role, formats, innovations-freewheeling thought. Verbalizing the brand vision for the future.
Definition of core and extended brand identity in future. Definition of core competence & key benefits

Identification of Living Brand Strategies and matching them with what has evolved for the brand. Fine tuning

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