Brand Rejuvenation

Every brand has a life cycle and suffers fatigue, especially in an ever-changing market where consumers have a wide array of options to make a choice. To thrive in such a competitive ecosystem, a company must reinvent itself even more frequently without losing relevance. We assist our clients in refreshing their brands without losing the essence of the brand. Employing our methodology ‘Living Brands’, we identify brand assets that need to be anchored and the ones that can be dropped. We also help facilitate acquisitions and mergers of brands through harmonization exercises done both locally and globally.

DY Works has led the relaunch, often in fully new avatars, of over 100 most loved brands. A few of such brand transformations include Dabur, Air India, Lakme, Fair and Lovely, Clinic, Sunsilk, Hit, Sofit, Cinthol, Taj Mahal Tea and Huggies.

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