Brand Creation

Brand Core

The nucleus of any brand, Brand Core forms the business rationale of a brand and represents what it stands for. The Brand Core is at the cusp of category gaps, consumer opportunity and the company/brand’s strengths. The brand core then defines the Brand Essence which is the soul of the brand. It defines the emotional hook that embraces the brand in the heart of its stakeholders. An added layer of personality gives definition to a brand in a unique manner.


Creating an umbrella brand for a conglomerate

The $4 bn group had multiple businesses. DY Works identified the common values and culture that hold the group together to arrive at the umbrella brand. The challenge was to create a group identity that represents the DNA of the Group. And encompass existing business entities to provide a framework for future growth DY Works initiated the process by conducting qualitative stakeholder research, meetings with employees, value workshops, in depth audits and SWOT analysis to identity current and desired values to discover the Brand Core, Brand Essence and Brand Personality. Using an iterative process, the name ‘Avantha’ was created that imbibes the key attributes of the group. The name ‘Avantha’ represents the strong foundation that the Group gives the individual companies for advancement, growth and diversification. It is an amalgamation of the Sanskrit word ‘Avni’ meaning earth and ‘tha’ coming from ‘sthapna’ which means to establish. Moreover, in French ‘Avancer’ meaner to advance, this represents forward movement and growth. The syllable ‘tha’ denotes the Thapar legacy carried forward. The logo is a visual manifestation of Avantha’s personality. The symbol depicts continuous forward movement, projecting progressive dynamism. The colors connote passion & energy, stability and strength. DY Works intervened to establish the values of – Imagine, Inspire and Create. This was furthered funneled down to the corporate architecture and brand language.

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