Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture Management is an integrated process that helps businesses decide the flow of equities between the masterbrand and sub-brands. It is not just about the logos that ultimately appear on the pack, but about the level of endorsement and the kind of relationship that the business wants to have between the masterbrand and its various sub-brands.

A strong Brand Architecture strategy defines simple and clear principles for the organization. It allows a symbiotic relation where both the master and sub-brands can be established, managed and marketed in parallel. Very often, organizations find themselves with organically diversifying portfolios, leading to a conflict of brand identities and market presence.

In addition to bringing about coherence outside the organization, a consistent corporate Brand Architecture also ensures that internally, the entire organization is rallied around a unified goal and core values. This internal clarity helps employees seamlessly deliver on the business proposition to its customers. Externally, it helps in creating a strong marketing strategy to communicate with the brands’ customers in a relevant manner.

DY Works approaches Brand Architecture through two lenses – inside-out where we look at the proposition and vision of the various brands from an organization’s perspective, and outside-in, where we look at customers’ perceptions of the brands. Such an exercise also involves discovering the kind of equity each brand and its sub-brands own in the market, leading to better control over Brand Management, Brand Research and Brand Building.

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