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Corporations appear differently to different stakeholders: Customers, Employees, Partners, Investors, Media, Regulators. Strong organizations maintain a ‘true’ core at all touch-points.

Purpose driven companies are aligned internally with a common culture. They have higher market caps, have more loyal customers, are able to command a premium, attract better talent and they bring in investors.


We work with our clients to undertake intensive diagnostics on brand issues to create brand strategy from the bottom up – to craft vision, mission, values, culture and personality and the outward brand manifestation system.

Logo is a key ingredient of the corporate identity which defines the brand in the consumer’s mind. It is the visible symbol of a company, product or service. We always point out to our prospective clients that Corporate Identity should never be a cosmetic exercise. It has to represent the values, belief systems, brand promise and the personality of the organization. It is the visible tip of an iceberg that has a huge foundation below.

The CI systems developed by DY Works align with the organizational vision and values and is a thread that binds the communication internally and externally. DY Works has created over 20 large corporate identities including the multi-billion Thapar Groups: Avantha, Nerolac, Dabur, Air India, Ghai Hotels, LifeCell, Adie Broswon, ABD, Diabos and others.

Their visual identities and logos are more than mere aesthetic forms. They are potent symbols that become repositories of all the positive organization stories.

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