Consumer Branding Practice

Age old marketing questions need newer ways of defining answers. In a rapidly changing India, technology and rising consumer aspirations are creating fast growth opportunities.

We use semiotics and ethnography to understand consumers and categories and define brands sharply.

Tattoo parlors in  small town India, reality TV participation from inner India and the demand of luxury goods in rural India are blurring the socio-economic divide. New product categories, products, brands, variants and SKUs  fight for retail space. High cost, high clutter advertising is no longer winning market battles. Suddenly, winning at the market place has become cheaper, if you are smarter.

  • Consumer Branding by Industry

    • FMCG
      • Personal care
      • Hair Care
      • Skin Care
      • Household Care
      • Food and Beverages
    • Health Care
    • Pharamceuticals
    • Real Estate
    • Services
    • Luxury and Lifestyle Brands
  • Key Services

    • Brand Creation – Brand Identity and Logo Design
    • Brand Nomenclature
    • Brand Architecture Development Strategy
    • Brand Repositioning and Rejuvenation
    • Strategic Branding Workshops
    • Semiotic Studies
    • Culture Studies and Belief Identification
    • Building Brands Beyond Advertising
    • Brand Touch Point Mapping and Total Experience Definition and Creation
    • Packaging Design
    • Retail Design

Consumer Branding Articles