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Today Size Matters and we, the ever evolving Indian consumers look for the biggest bang for our buck or in colloquial terms “paisa vasooli”. What used to be an only “family pack” market is now transforming into a convenience and value based market where we are seeing a growing number of “super saver deals”, “party … Read more

Food, by virtue of its indispensable role in survival becomes a central indicator of a culture! As is with other cultural creations such as music, dance, and clothing, the culinary experience is also deeply encoded with norms and laws which define both the food that is consumed as well as the people that consumes it. … Read more

“I think we left that bat back in our old house in Benaras. Your father was very fond of it. He and his friends had even started a cricket club back in those days”. As Amma was just beginning one of those stories about her Benaras days, I had already started visualizing my father playing … Read more

A kaleidoscope of images welcomes you into the new Essel Group office at Lower Parel. We have had an interesting journey ascertaining the nexus of brand Essel. Unearthing the nuggets of information that underlay their ethos and values and this truly was the starting point for us to explore a new creative rendition. In keeping … Read more

Alpana Parida, President DY Works and Ajinkya Shenava, catalyst, participated in a course at the London School of Economics  – Ethnographic methods and practice. The course highlighted key emerging trends in ethnographic enquiry and analysis, while reinforcing a solid foundation of methodology. Understanding culture is at the core of our enquiry into the complex world … Read more

There was a time when I read a book at a time. From start to finish. Now I have several – I flit between kindle and physical – reading a chapter here and another there. Beyond books, my phone, iPad, laptop are all gadgets that allow me to navigate from one place to another in no … Read more

For years, FIFA has struggled with making soccer popular in the US. Since Mia Hamm led her team to victory in 1999, it has become a ‘girl’s only’ sport – in sharp contrast to the rest of the world. Most school districts have a girls’ soccer program – and strangely enough – in the school district … Read more

Ever since GeorgeLucas acknowledged JosephCampbell as the inspiration for underpinning the characters and storyline of StarWars, The Hero’s Journey is part of popular folklore as well as the formula for every Hollywood superhero film and some others such as Lagaan… Campbell’s thesis is that hero myths across cultures – whether Hercules or Rama, Huángdì or Gilgamesh – … Read more

The underground metro in Paris is proclaimed in a whimsical font, worthy of talking to flâneurs, who stroll through the city, stumbling upon its tucked away artisan boulangeries, mediatheques, salons and cafes. Metro signs are usually the authoritative peppering of a city, that define your place and station in life. They become landmarks as well … Read more

  We’ve come a long way – from iron clad, double clasp equipped, morbid aluminium coffins to light weight, scooting on their own, designer vehicles for our clothing. Not to mention, endorsed by celebrities like John Abraham. It was as if we were confining our belongings to keep them safe from the big bad world … Read more

  While the rest of the country is debating about the right and wrong of things, the inclusion and exclusion of women; women have wrested power beyond this dialogue to simply go ahead and do! Whether it is brides-to-be calling on their greedy demanding in-laws to the wedding mandap, employees reporting their supervisors/ colleagues for sexual … Read more

When you light a diya or the candle – you place it on the ground. or on a balcony.You light it ritualistically, bending down. It is an act of reverence, of piety. As we pour ghee/ oil in the diya, we pay homage. The diya/ candle is what you light in temples – before god. … Read more

  Long term or short term? A similar question faces e-commerce marketers: Advertising or Branding? Advertising is a cost. Branding is an investment. Advertising pushes through immediacy of promotions and deals. Branding pulls in consumers who engage and find a reason to be on the e-store. Advertising brings in bargain hunters; branding creates loyalists. I … Read more

Alpana Parida, President, DY Works to present a paper at the Semiofest 2015 in Paris.   We’re delighted to announce that the President of DY Works, Ms. Alpana Parida, will present a paper at Semiofest 2015 on the Rejuvenation of an Indian News Channel, a case in semiotic coding and decoding. With her paper, Alpana … Read more

A while ago, I wrote asking what Probiotic means. In the same vein – what does ORGANIC mean? No, really?!!! We all sort of know what it is. We know it is better for us. But is it worth the cost? While buying, we compare the price tags of organic – and paying a 20%-50% … Read more

  Indians are not known for subtlety. For Indians, ‘more is more’. Our cinema feels the need to melodramatically articulate every emotion (Mere paas ma hain!!), our wealth is worn – the richer the bride, bigger the jewellery, our colours are deep and bold – we have no place for pastels, our celebrations and rituals … Read more

  In this cut and paste world, of borrowed models and methodologies; we are looking for the impossible – the original thinker! One who is willing to unlearn and relearn – continuously. Given our mantra – building brands in culture and building culture in brands – we are looking for people who are willing to … Read more

  Over 6 years ago, I took over as CEO. Suddenly, I had no reporting relationships, no one to be accountable too, no one signing my expense statements, no one saying a job well-done, no pats on the back, no one egging you on, no one course-correcting. That of course, is the ‘lonely at the … Read more

  Decoding Indian intolerance: The acceptance of the physically/ mentally challenged is challenging for a lot of Indians. The answers lie in deep cultural encoding – Hinduism is perhaps the only religion that has prayers devoted to the extolling of the physical beauty of gods. The eyes, the lips, the torso, the visage of the … Read more

Water purifies. A few drops in the temple or the ritual of the holy bath or the belief in the power of the ‘pocchha’ or the wet mop, or even the ritualistic ‘head bath’ are all about the idea of purification. It does not wash so much as it cleanses. In that scenario – how … Read more

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