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Most airlines in the world define their business as the business of flying. Lufthansa: “There is no better way to fly”. Jet Airways: “The joy of flying”, British Airways: “The world is waiting”. Many others connote flying, travel or hospitality. Kingfisher Airlines, on the other hand, stood for the King of good times. This brand … Read more

Of all the Indian festivals, Holi is the ultimate expression of trust in a community. It is the only festival where we surrender our selves and our bodies to fellow revellers, and accept forceful application of colour and water, while being grabbed or pelted. This surrender requires an enormous amount of faith in the other … Read more

Signs in India assume you do not need them! Driving back from the Mumbai Airport recently, I took the above pictures of the toll plaza at the Sea Link. The image on the right is the approach – and the one on left is what you see when you reach the booth. If my driver … Read more

Restaurants may die as promoters fail to balance the growing appetites of consumers for the new and the economics of creating the new There are at least six locations I have been to in Mumbai in recent times that have seen a new restaurant replace an old one. The same is true, I am told, … Read more

I have to say that what really amazes me almost daily, even after returning from Sao Paulo two years ago, is Brazil’s remarkable spirit of innovation. While living there, I was once bewildered when my forty year old friend Érica posted a picture of her “Melissa” on facebook, brought by her husband as a birthday … Read more

I believe that if people break the law, or behave differently from what they should, the flaw is in the design. If the design of products, services, experiences or even laws was based on convenience and efficiencies, there would be 100 per cent compliance with expectations. Marketers have long tried to sell tea bags. When … Read more

As the world is understanding and rejecting the ills of junk food, the biggest poster child of this  is seeking to revamp its image. McDonald’s first introduced salads to its menu. Then came McCafes and now a futuristic menu and environment in their Hong Kong franchise! The McDonald’s golden arches are iconic. They have been … Read more

There was a time when secretaries were taught typing, shorthand and drafting official correspondence. They learnt to maintain appointment diaries and deal with travel agents for booking tickets and hotels. They facilitated management teams and helped the smooth functioning of an organisation. In our digital times, it is faster to use our phones or laptops … Read more

Luxury has invariably been seen as an excess of something beyond the purely utilitarian. Luxury has been defined by the extra, the non-essential, the extra large spaces — more than what was needed for one person. The king-sized bed, the 8-seater dining table for a family of four, the large homes (such as the Ambani … Read more

There are a few things that are as thoroughly representative of the times we live in than the shoes we wear, and the feet that they so elegantly clothe. Perhaps it is this extremity of our bodies – and our selves – that we have often forgotten that reveals the most about who we are … Read more

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, the consumer is bombarded by stimuli and requires eye-catching and innovative structures to draw his/her attention. New structures also address consumer needs of convenience through sippy bottle tops, rejuvenate existing products to premium offerings and create new modes of consumption. Convenience and product appeal The structure today … Read more

From the days of the babu getting his shoe shine on the streets of India to the bling of today’s fashion, shine has always stood out as “chaka chak” and “good looking”. In the world of Indian packaging, shine is communicated through the use of metallic colours such as gold and silver and shiny metallic … Read more

Gone are the days of black and white, today you practically live in the fifty shades of grey between these two ends of the spectrum. Today, colours are king and are used as a differentiating factor in packaging, as they not only add personality to product, but also help it stand out from the crowd. … Read more

The colour white has always been associated with purity and goodness. As a country full of colour and dynamism, the colour white provides a sense of calm and cleanliness. In the West, the colour white is extensively used in minimalism and in gourmet renditions of food. As the Indian consumer travels and exposes himself to … Read more

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and while this largely holds true, it does not stop companies from ensuring that their beauties look even more beautiful before they are picked off the shelves. Matte is the new diamond While ‘shine and shiny’ has always appealed to the Indian consumer, it is the matte … Read more

Consumers have become picky today and have started living the “Consumer is King” tagline to the T. Everyone wants something special and dub tailed just to their taste. As spend on daily items increases, consumers seek experiences that are personalized and “special”. Premium products are ways that “I can treat myself and make everyday special.” … Read more

Speaking to a bunch of 22 bright fellows of the #StartUpLeadership at #AvendusCapital last Saturday, I was struck by how market opportunities were sighted. With products and services ranging from offering E-Commerce capability to merchants in Meerut, to fashion rental, to in-home healthcare services – none of the ideas had been arrived at through traditional … Read more

Traditional “in-home” consumption items such as ladoos, cookies and bhel are now being packaged for mass consumption, in convenient formats. As the Indian consumer gets busier, he/she does not have time to buy vegetables, cut and clean them. As a result, packaging has now moved into preparatory food items as well. Various food items are … Read more

We are truly a time is money generation always on the go zipping from one thought to the other and one place to the next. In this need for speed era consumers seek sizeable or one time consumption formats that are convenient to carry, use and dispose at home, outside and during travel. The ready … Read more

Marico has been a company driven by its belief in making a difference in people’s lives. Its brands such as Saffola, Parachute, Set Wet etc. have become synonymous with their respective categories over time.However, when the company came up with the idea of launching an Ayurvedic hair fall control hair oil, it found itself facing … Read more

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