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I hate broccoli. I hated it when I was a kid; I will hate it till the day I die. The story goes back about 17 years ago. My mother was trying to get me and my kid brother to eat broccoli. We DID NOT want to eat any broccoli! No matter what she tried … Read more

In our life span, we have seen five near-cataclysmic changes that have completely metamorphosed our lives, compared to what they were prior to these events. In a typical “then & now” discourse – the “then” has dramatically transformed at each of these inflexion points, affecting our daily lives in previously unimaginable ways, though, today they … Read more

A Look at the Rising Emphasis & Spotlight on Football Club Rebranding “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.” –  Heywood Broun I’ve been quite a sports enthusiast since my childhood, and outgrown steadily from a staple diet of just cricket into a healthy dose of football. It’s worth mentioning that I’m an avid … Read more

PC: Priya Paul collection, New Delhi An indistinguishable clutch of film actresses in varying shades of lime advocate green tea, hoardings hoot healthy oats, popular songs popularize size zero and milk cartons come with measuring tapes – these are visuals that hound us today. If being ‘in-shape’ keeps us so occupied today, it’s rather intriguing to … Read more

Not more than two months ago we were introduced to Pechakucha. Microsoft Word’s dictionary underlines the word with red right now. It’s a Japanese word, a concept of quick presentations, sharing ideas in twenty slides and twenty seconds to each slide. We at DY Works started with four Pechakuchas every Friday. We’d talk about movies … Read more

In my earlier days as a design student, I had the notion that Packaging means just an esthetically appealing device to invite a purchase. It didn’t interest me much as it seemed secondary to me and I was attracted towards brand identities, which also carried the fame for designers. Today its not the same, the … Read more

Ecommerce is that juiciest slice of the retail pie of which everybody wants a bite. Over the last 5 years the sector has consistently clocked double digit growth figures. With 300 million active internet users (and growing), ecommerce in India is still at an approximate 1.7% of the total retail sales (by revenue). The telecom … Read more

My bond with Aamir Khan started when I was very young. Before Dravid and Michael Jackson, he was my first real celebrity role model. When I was a child, I remember getting fired up by Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, punching my first in the air when Aamir beat up the goondas in Hum hain Rahi … Read more

People move seamlessly between the physical and the digital world. Shouldn’t your consumer experience too? A four-step model shows how to create a better experience [Image by Gerd Leonhard under Creative Commons. Image cropped from original] Tennis fans were in for a slightly different experience at the 2016 US Open Tennis Championships. Even as they followed the … Read more

We are proud to announce our first International Branch in Shanghai, China. DY Works already has several International clients and the new branch in Shanghai is sure to leverage our global reach and mark the beginning of a new development in the branding and strategy industry.  

Political economy theory suggests that commercial incentives behind content creation, in this case the display of women’s innerwear in media, shape the content itself Indian society is in flux — tradition and modernity meet in places, clash in others. Several belief systems co-exist. The views expressed by Varun, Isha, Dara, Tara, Arundhati and others in … Read more

You have probably had an overdose of reading paeans and laments about the decision of the Nobel committee on this year’s Literature prize. Let’s bypass that debate altogether, and instead look at Dylan not as a “creator of new poetic expressions”, rather as a brand icon. There is much to be learned from his positioning … Read more

            Alpana Parida Managing Director, DY Works There is widespread consternation about this move. The belief- right or wrong – is with the establishment as correcting  a trajectory that was at odds with its value system. The true equity of the brand has not been so much its size or … Read more

Over the last five years, e-commerce has consistently clocked double digit growth. With 300 million active internet users (and growing), e-commerce in India is still at an approximate 1.7% of the total retail sales (by revenue). The opportunity is massive and investors are betting big on the category and are pouring in money on marketing … Read more

To get more people involved in the mission, we need to reframe the problem and identify ways for each set of stakeholders to contribute Adoption of clean infrastructure and clean habits would require changes in beliefs and actions. Photo: PTI As we look at the second anniversary of the launch of the Swachh Bharat Mission, … Read more

The second largest and the second most populous continent, home to 15% of the world’s human count is deemed to be the oldest inhabited territory on Earth. From the first modern humans to the early civilization, through the scramble for Africa by European imperialists, today, Africa comprises of 54 sovereign countries. Most of these nations, … Read more

We breathe in the world of brands. Every now & then, we come across various kinds of brands, which we adore, we love or we dislike. Each brand tries to stand out amongst the crowd through their distinct brand identities, whether it’s their logos, communication, marketing campaign or etc. In such a world of branded … Read more

  The recently concluded International Film Festival at Bangalore is a visual cornucopia with no part of the stage or setting not being covered with lights, flowers, backdrop or people.  (Image on left) The recently concluded Berliner 2016,  on the other hand, like similar global film festivals – shows restraint and minimalism in its visual style. … Read more

I have been reading about the colossal wave of success that Brand Patanjali is riding on. However, it wasn’t until recently that I began to study it closely. In a 57-page report released in January, IIFL cited that “Patanjali Ayurved Ltd has, in a short span of less than a decade, recorded a turnover higher … Read more

Apple has always stood for enablement. It is the creator’s brand with tools such as GarageBand, numerous fonts, Keynote and more. It is a brand for the aficionado, the curator — who can pick and choose. Many other brands of computers and tablets have similar features. But Apple as a brand ‘owns’ this space more. … Read more

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