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  • more-in-india

    Why more is MORE in India

      The recently concluded International Film Festival at Bangalore is a visual cornucopia with no part of the stage or setting not being covered with lights, flowers, backdrop or people.  (Image on left) The recently concluded Berliner 2016,  on the other hand, like similar global film festivals – shows restraint and minimalism in its visual style. … Read more

  • watch

    The Dilution of Brand Apple

    Apple has always stood for enablement. It is the creator’s brand with tools such as GarageBand, numerous fonts, Keynote and more. It is a brand for the aficionado, the curator — who can pick and choose. Many other brands of computers and tablets have similar features. But Apple as a brand ‘owns’ this space more. … Read more

  • kingfisher1

    Kingfisher Airlines’ Enduring Brand Equity

    Most airlines in the world define their business as the business of flying. Lufthansa: “There is no better way to fly”. Jet Airways: “The joy of flying”, British Airways: “The world is waiting”. Many others connote flying, travel or hospitality. Kingfisher Airlines, on the other hand, stood for the King of good times. This brand … Read more

  • holi-realestate

    Holi and Real Estate

    Of all the Indian festivals, Holi is the ultimate expression of trust in a community. It is the only festival where we surrender our selves and our bodies to fellow revellers, and accept forceful application of colour and water, while being grabbed or pelted. This surrender requires an enormous amount of faith in the other … Read more

  • freshness

    Why Organized Retail Gets Fresh Fruits & Veg Wrong!

    Walking along the pavement in the soon-to-be No 1 smart city in the country, Bhubaneswar, I came across two vegetable shops, adjacent to each other. One was the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation-run Udayan Fresh and the other was the makeshift stall of a local street vendor. First of all, the fundamental impermanence of a roadside stall … Read more

  • featured-image_chai

    English tea vs the Indian chai

    I believe that if people break the law, or behave differently from what they should, the flaw is in the design. If the design of products, services, experiences or even laws was based on convenience and efficiencies, there would be 100 per cent compliance with expectations. Marketers have long tried to sell tea bags. When … Read more

  • feature_image-psd

    McDonalds – Rejuvenate or Reinvent?

    As the world is understanding and rejecting the ills of junk food, the biggest poster child of this  is seeking to revamp its image. McDonald’s first introduced salads to its menu. Then came McCafes and now a futuristic menu and environment in their Hong Kong franchise! The McDonald’s golden arches are iconic. They have been … Read more

  • feature_image-tpyewriter

    Short Hand, Typing 2.0

    There was a time when secretaries were taught typing, shorthand and drafting official correspondence. They learnt to maintain appointment diaries and deal with travel agents for booking tickets and hotels. They facilitated management teams and helped the smooth functioning of an organisation. In our digital times, it is faster to use our phones or laptops … Read more

  • featured_luxury

    What LUXURY means today

    Luxury has invariably been seen as an excess of something beyond the purely utilitarian. Luxury has been defined by the extra, the non-essential, the extra large spaces — more than what was needed for one person. The king-sized bed, the 8-seater dining table for a family of four, the large homes (such as the Ambani … Read more

  • Marketing Innovation Curve


    Speaking to a bunch of 22 bright fellows of the #StartUpLeadership at #AvendusCapital last Saturday, I was struck by how market opportunities were sighted. With products and services ranging from offering E-Commerce capability to merchants in Meerut, to fashion rental, to in-home healthcare services – none of the ideas had been arrived at through traditional … Read more

  • games women play

    Games Women Play

    For years, FIFA has struggled with making soccer popular in the US. Since Mia Hamm led her team to victory in 1999, it has become a ‘girl’s only’ sport – in sharp contrast to the rest of the world. Most school districts have a girls’ soccer program – and strangely enough – in the school district … Read more

  • Masterchef AU

    MasterChefAU – A Hero’s Journey

    Ever since GeorgeLucas acknowledged JosephCampbell as the inspiration for underpinning the characters and storyline of StarWars, The Hero’s Journey is part of popular folklore as well as the formula for every Hollywood superhero film and some others such as Lagaan… Campbell’s thesis is that hero myths across cultures – whether Hercules or Rama, Huángdì or Gilgamesh – … Read more

  • 3

    Women Empowerment – What’s That?

      While the rest of the country is debating about the right and wrong of things, the inclusion and exclusion of women; women have wrested power beyond this dialogue to simply go ahead and do! Whether it is brides-to-be calling on their greedy demanding in-laws to the wedding mandap, employees reporting their supervisors/ colleagues for sexual … Read more

  • 5

    Buy or Rent? An E-Commerce Question

      Long term or short term? A similar question faces e-commerce marketers: Advertising or Branding? Advertising is a cost. Branding is an investment. Advertising pushes through immediacy of promotions and deals. Branding pulls in consumers who engage and find a reason to be on the e-store. Advertising brings in bargain hunters; branding creates loyalists. I … Read more