Awards are an annual feature for us. Over the years we have won numerous accolades, but our true awards are in clients who win in the market, who are able to enhance growth, sales and demand, and come back to us repeatedly to partner through this process.

Silver at the 2014 edition of Designomics in Mumbai, India for Long and Short, Graviss Hospitality

The iconic InterContinental located on Marine Drive in Mumbai, was rejuvenating a restaurant. For a city that never sleeps and houses a variety of dining options from all day cafe’s to fine dining to pubs and lounges, the concept of a Gastrobar captured all these offerings  as a meeting point for South Bombay business and social lives.

In an age when conversations were dying and online interactions were rising, the Gastrobar was to become the place become where people conversed again. We took the idea of storytelling and the idiom – ‘Long and Short’ to create a language that the brand can call its own.

This brand was recognized and celebrated at Designomics for the Best Brand Identity for a Restaurant


Bronze at the 2014 edition of Designomics in Mumbai, India for Rajshree

rajshree_awardRajshree Sugar and Chemicals Ltd. was rejuvenating the corporate brand and looking to create B2C brands as well. For a sugar and chemical company the supply chain (farmers) are as important as the customer. How does such a company communicate its vision and philosophy as a brand to all the farmers and customers alike? We had to establish Rajshree Corporation as a recognizable and prestigious business group known for its progressive business philosophy.

We established Haldi and Kumkum as symbols of prosperity, fertility and abundance. This symbol resonates with the farmers as well as consumers across geographies in India. We established the 3 pillars of the organization namely; People, Passion and Progress. The words embody a commitment to their farmers, their employees and their customers; their passionate belief in doing well while doing good and bringing prosperity to all. This brand thought was applauded at Designomics for the Best Integrated Design.

Bronze at the 2013 edition of Designomics in Mumbai, India for India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

IdentityIMGCA joint venture between Genworth (A GE company), Asian Development Brand (ADB), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and National Housing Bank (NHB); India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation (IMGC) was the first company to sell a mortgage guarantee product. It was imperative to communicate the proposition, as well as establish them on the financial landscape as a trusted institution.

Future is inherently uncertain, and a loan simply compounds that situation. By providing a mortgage guarantee, IMGC created a safety net against unforeseeable events. The brand essence was the dichotomous proposition of “A Certain Future”. The brand identity used the sun (the only thing certain about tomorrow), while borrowing imagery from the category of homes as well as of arrows to signify progression. The brand further manifest as internal values and culture as well as externally as a marketing proposition.

Our intervention not only won accolades at Designomics for the most Strategic Brand Identity, but also garnered the trust of IMGC’s CEO.

IMGC was looking beyond design for a brand development specialist. The strategic branding approach decoded the needs of the financial services industry and our specific end customer.

The branding initiative helped us create a strong differentiation as a B2B and B2C brand.”

Amitava Mehra

Silver at the 2011 edition of ‘The Internationalist Awards for Media Innovation’ in New York, USA.

Hershey’s syrup works well with ice cream, however in India; it was seeing stagnation in sales. We came on board to identify the gap in the market and also the opportunity for a seemingly After several interactive consumer immersions, brainstorming and client engagement sessions, the idea to shift consumer perspective was born.

‘Do More With Milk’: shift from the micro-niche vanilla ice cream topping to the ubiquitous milk. Ride the perennial mother child fight of enforcing milk consumption and position the brand as a camouflage. Make a chore for both mother and child fun and liberating.

Pack sleeves, Free Standing Units, Island Units, select modern trade was innovatively dressed up with the message seeing a spike in sales by 75% and growth in Rupee sales by 114%.

This was recognized and feted in the 3rd Annual Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media. This award records international examples of best practices in media. Beating competition from countries which included Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong and the USA. This award is yet another reiteration of DY Works commitment to making a tangible positive difference to their client partners.

And a testimony to why they are named as they are!


How DY Works changed the dying ghee consumption behavior and rejuvenated Amul Ghee:

Everyone loves GHEE– on their rotis,as a tadka in their dal; but across demographics, people have deemed it unhealthy and have stopped eating it. With the changing perception of ghee as a source of fat, cholesterol and as an unhealthy diet supplement, the sale the Amul Ghee retail packs was on a decline. It was important to address this decline through identifying consumption patterns amongst consumers.  After several interactive consumer immersions, we tapped into Ayurveda for our answers. Ayurveda says that a little ghee is necessary for vitality. Thus, we tapped into the insight of ‘1 spoon a day’ as a vital diet supplement thereby changing the current perception and tapping into the old belief system.

This was recognized and feted by Mr. Sodhi, MD, GCMMF.  This recognition is yet another reiteration of DY Works’ commitment to making a tangible positive difference to our client partners.