October 2016

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  • Many Lenses, Many Senses

    Political economy theory suggests that commercial incentives behind content creation, in this case the display of women’s innerwear in media, shape the content itself Indian society is in flux — tradition and modernity meet in places, clash in others. Several belief systems co-exist. The views expressed by Varun, Isha, Dara, Tara, Arundhati and others in … Read more

  • Dylan and the Art of Branding Digital Platforms

    You have probably had an overdose of reading paeans and laments about the decision of the Nobel committee on this year’s Literature prize. Let’s bypass that debate altogether, and instead look at Dylan not as a “creator of new poetic expressions”, rather as a brand icon. There is much to be learned from his positioning … Read more

  • Has the Cyrus saga dented Brand Tata?

                Alpana Parida Managing Director, DY Works There is widespread consternation about this move. The belief- right or wrong – is with the establishment as correcting  a trajectory that was at odds with its value system. The true equity of the brand has not been so much its size or … Read more

  • Is E-commerce Advertising a Sea of Sameness?

    Over the last five years, e-commerce has consistently clocked double digit growth. With 300 million active internet users (and growing), e-commerce in India is still at an approximate 1.7% of the total retail sales (by revenue). The opportunity is massive and investors are betting big on the category and are pouring in money on marketing … Read more

  • swach_bharat

    Design thinking can help Swachh Bharat

    To get more people involved in the mission, we need to reframe the problem and identify ways for each set of stakeholders to contribute Adoption of clean infrastructure and clean habits would require changes in beliefs and actions. Photo: PTI As we look at the second anniversary of the launch of the Swachh Bharat Mission, … Read more