January 2016

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    McDonalds – Rejuvenate or Reinvent?

    As the world is understanding and rejecting the ills of junk food, the biggest poster child of this  is seeking to revamp its image. McDonald’s first introduced salads to its menu. Then came McCafes and now a futuristic menu and environment in their Hong Kong franchise! The McDonald’s golden arches are iconic. They have been … Read more

  • feature_image-tpyewriter

    Short Hand, Typing 2.0

    There was a time when secretaries were taught typing, shorthand and drafting official correspondence. They learnt to maintain appointment diaries and deal with travel agents for booking tickets and hotels. They facilitated management teams and helped the smooth functioning of an organisation. In our digital times, it is faster to use our phones or laptops … Read more

  • featured_luxury

    What LUXURY means today

    Luxury has invariably been seen as an excess of something beyond the purely utilitarian. Luxury has been defined by the extra, the non-essential, the extra large spaces — more than what was needed for one person. The king-sized bed, the 8-seater dining table for a family of four, the large homes (such as the Ambani … Read more